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Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Ask us how you can get an at home teeth whitening kit for only $175!


Happy Visit: Introducing Your Child to the Dentist

At Tooth Acres Dentistry, we believe that healthy smiles start at childhood! Just like we need to teach our children the alphabet and how to tie their shoes, we need to teach them the importance of dental care. But we don’t want the dentist office to be a scary place, we want to make it fun!

When your child is 2-3 years old, we recommend you schedule a Happy Visit for them! Our 10-minute Happy Visit includes:

  • a ride in the dental chair
  • see how the air and water squirter works
  • see how Mr. Thirsty (the water suction straw) works
  • tickle their hand with the tooth shiner
  • having your child show us how big they can open like an alligator

Because the cooperation and comfort-level of each child varies, we only do the above things that they are willing to do with us. If they do not cooperate at their first Happy Visit, we often recommend you schedule another appointment in 6 months. 


If your child comes in for their cleaning and exam appointment and they are declared cavity-free by Dr. Fisher, Dr. Huser, or Dr. Painter they will receive a NO CAVITY CLUB sticker and one entry into our monthly prize drawing that’s just for them! Children ages 3-18 years old are eligible. 

Each month we will randomly draw a lucky winner from those entered! The winner will get to choose a $25 gift card from a few options. Gift card prizes include Target, SkyZone, Amazon, or Tokens-N-Tickets! The winner will also be celebrated on our Facebook page, with parental permission of course. 

Your child’s oral health is important to us!
We want them to believe it is important, too.
Encourage your child to brush & floss daily,
and lead by example!

No Cavity Club

Our Mission at Tooth Acres Dentistry

At our dental office in Fort Wayne, we provide services including dental cleaning, x-rays, and fillings. Our dental team in Fort Wayne cares about the development of your child’s smile. It is important to start oral care for children early on to prevent infection and form good habits. Building healthy habits will benefit your child’s smile for the better.Regular check-ups can prevent cavities and other diseases.

We are devoted to providing the most exceptional oral care services for your child. Our dentists, Alyssa Fisher, Jannaye Huser, & Gary Painter are geniuses in pediatric dentistry and treats every patient with kindness. With over years of experience, both have earned their recognition and trust which is why patients continue to visit Tooth Acres Dentistry for their pediatric dental appointments. Our pediatric dental patients also love visiting our dentists because our office is constructed like a barn! Its unique appeal makes it pleasing and less intimating for children to visit our dental office. We provide an excellent atmosphere that is family-friendly, fun, and inviting at our dental office in Fort Wayne.

Parents will love our team and office! We utilize the latest equipment with care so that our youngest patients have a stress free visit to the pediatric dentist. Tooth Acres Dentistry is proud to be the number one unique dental office in Fort Wayne, Indiana! Schedule an appointment today for you and your kid’s most pleasant dental visit ever!

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