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Snoring Sleep Apnea Man never saves the night.

Do you or your spouse sound like a bird, plane, or train while sleeping peacefully? Tired of the fatigue, machines, and discomfort that comes with Sleep Apnea? Tooth Acres offers a variety of mouth appliances that silence the snorer and
keep their airways open without the major discomfort of surgery or machines. This new option has revolutionized the ease of treating people who suffer the ill effects of being a terrible roommate and poor sleeper.

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man holding picture with yellow teeth

We can restore your teeth so you can smile with confidence. At Tooth Acres, we specialize in cosmetic dentistry. Our veneers and bridges can dramatically return youthfulness back to your smile. Doctor Painter considers his work to be an art form, and is a perfectionist in the shape, color, quality, and absolute comfort of his work. Veneers enhance your smile, your ability to chew and speak, and also promote better overall health.

woman holding picture with yellow teeth

Our crowns are our specialty and have a far above average track record for longevity. In fact, we stand by our crowns, offering a five year warranty to patients who maintain their six month checkups. We are not satisfied until your crown fits you perfectly and gives stability to your existing tooth for several years. Your comfort is our first priority, and our gentle staff offer a wide array of spa and relaxation options to help make your visit pleasurable.

woman holding picture with big smile

Brighten the room with your smile! We offer whitening, as well as teeth straightening and gap closing through Invisilign. We also help keep your smile beautiful through routine cleanings and fillings that promote tooth and gum health.