Dr. Painter and Dr. Fisher specialize in restoring damaged

teeth with porcelain crowns. Discover how we revitalize smiles and preserve

dental health at

Fort Wayne, Indiana

We make custom dental crowns in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to fit your bite comfortably and aesthetically complement your smile.

Our porcelain crowns, devoid of metal, blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Experience beautiful lifelike  results

without worrying about unsightly lines near the gum.

Choose aesthetic excellence at  Tooth Acres Dentistry.

Versatile Solutions for Dental Despairs

In as few as two visits to

Tooth Acres Dentistry, Dr. Painter and Dr. Fisher

can place

your custom dental crown and restore your smile using crowns to correct various issues: decayed teeth, fractures, unusual shapes, implants, bridges, and post-root canal protection. Enjoy a healthy, radiant smile with our tailored dental crown solutions.

Our two-visit process ensures precision.

We assess your teeth, address underlying concerns, and prepare the tooth for the crown.

Experience a painless procedure

digital impressions and temporary fittings for comfort.

The Process of Placing Your Crown

Walk out of our office with renewed confidence and a dazzling smile.

Once your custom crown is ready, we ensure a perfect fit and shade.

With meticulous adjustments, we cement the crown securely.

Precision Fit for Lasting Comfort

At Tooth Acres Dentistry,  we prioritize your comfort.

Enjoy a warm, familial atmosphere and  hassle-free care.

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Experience quality dentistry that genuinely cares.