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Bioclear: The conservative, risk-free way to treat “black triangles” for a healthier, confident smile

Tooth Acres Dentistry is not afraid to stand out from the pack. From our surroundings in an old renovated barn in the heart of Allen County, Indiana, to our innovative treatments and services, our team serves Fort Wayne and beyond by embracing the unique and “latest,” be it a new technology or amenity, or an improvement to a conventional technique. Guided by this fundamental practice philosophy, Bioclear treatment for “black triangles” is an excellent fit with our many other services and opportunities to enhance the smile and support oral health. 

Before the introduction of the Bioclear Method, treatment for this common aesthetic and health concern was lacking at best. Options were limited to invasive, aggressive, costly, unpredictable, and unstable therapies that involved the likes of bone or soft tissue grafting and reconstruction. 

A better method 

Our talented and experienced dentists, Drs. Alyssa Fisher and Gary Painter are pleased to offer a minimally invasive, straightforward, tissue-preserving, and predictable approach to treating gingival embrasures that really “does it all.” The Bioclear Method restores and sustains superior aesthetics while avoiding the risks and complications associated with earlier-generation methods. So, your oral health is also sustained. It doesn’t present new challenges to the beauty of your smile, the health of your mouth, and its supportive tissues and structures. 

The many troubles with black triangles

It’s estimated that as many as 67% of adults aged 20 and older have developed gingival embrasures. This medical term simply describes the black spaces that often appear as dark triangles between the teeth. While these dark areas stand out starkly in the smile, they pose more than an aesthetic or cosmetic concern. These spaces promote the build-up of food debris and plaque, as well as inflamed gums or soft tissues. They can also be indicative of potential oral health problems, as they may be rooted in everything from aggressive brushing and gingival damage to gum recession associated with periodontal disease. 

Our unique tooth anatomy can also make us more vulnerable to this condition; for instance, teeth that are narrower at the gumline are more likely to develop these triangular-shaped gaps than their counterparts with rectangular teeth that are similarly wide at the gums and biting point. 

A clear advantage

Treatment with the Bioclear process is considered an appealing departure from conventional composite bonding for the resolution of these embrasures. The process generally involves cleaning or removing the biofilm or plaque from the teeth. The mouth is further prepared by applying a rubber dam to isolate the treatment site. “Etching” lightly abrades the surfaces to be treated, which supports a strong bond between the Bioclear material and the natural tissue. 

An adhesive is also applied prior to introducing the proprietary, heated Bioclear composite material and “curing” or hardening it for a secure fit. Any excess material is quickly removed and reshaped. Additional Bioclear products are further used to polish and achieve a sparkling, highly stain-resistant shine. Partly, this approach creates smooth, tissue-friendly contours. By covering up and reducing the “black triangles,” root surfaces may also be protected. This added coverage helps to reduce tooth sensitivity. This technique also helps many patients to avoid unnecessary, more extensive restorative treatment. 

We could go on and on about the benefits of the Bioclear Method. But why not experience it for yourself? 

Contact Tooth Acres Dentistry of Fort Wayne, IN, to learn more about how it works and to see if you are a good candidate. Our team can be reached at (260) 235-2992.

Alyssa Fisher, DDS EAT Bio

Alyssa Fisher, DDS

Meet Dr. Alyssa Fisher, a highly skilled dentist based in Fort Wayne, IN. Dr. Fisher's journey began with receiving a Bachelor of Science degree, complemented by a Minor in Communication, from Purdue University. Demonstrating exceptional academic prowess, she then earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the prestigious Indiana University School of Dentistry in May of 2018.

With a profound dedication to excellence, Dr. Fisher has emerged as a trusted name among her patients. Furthermore, she is one of the only Bioclear Black Triangle certified dentists at Lahmeyer Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46815, USA.
Renowned for her passionate approach to dentistry, she consistently upholds a superior standard of care while fostering genuine connections with everyone under her care.

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