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When removing a tooth may be the healthiest option: Trust our vast expertise to relieve pain and restore health

At Tooth Acres Dentistry, Drs. Alyssa Fisher and Gary Painter apply their vast expertise and expansive services to help patients in and around Fort Wayne, Indiana, to protect their essential teeth and other natural tissues. In doing so, we support the most natural function and appearance. Plus, by avoiding damage, patients save time (and money). There is no need for potentially costly, time-consuming, and traumatic restorative care. 

In some cases, however, removing a tooth may be in your best interests. Even with the best of care and intentions, injuries or other trauma to a tooth can occur. A dental extraction procedure may also be in order if you experience: 

  • Complications associated with the development of wisdom teeth
  • Wisdom teeth and other teeth that become “impacted” or trapped in the bone and underneath the tissue
  • Crowding due to the size of your mouth not being able to accommodate all of the teeth that attempt to break through 
  • Persistent pain and other symptoms of reinfection following root canal treatment 
  • Severe decay or fractures that are not “treatable” with root canal therapy or more advanced surgical endodontic procedures
  • Misalignment and bite problems, and when more space must be created in the mouth to accommodate orthodontic treatment
  • A tooth that cannot be properly restored after being partially dislodged
  • Extensive loss of the supportive tissues due to conditions such as periodontitis (advanced gum disease)

As with all treatments and services, extractions start with an examination. Drs. Fisher or Painter can discuss alternatives for treatment as relevant and appropriate to your situation. If extraction is appropriate, there are two different categories of tooth removal. 

A “simple” or non-surgical extraction involves using special dental instruments and techniques to loosen a tooth from its socket. This makes the tooth easier to remove. There are no incisions or cutting. Due to these and other features, this process only requires localized anesthetic for comfort. 

As its name implies, “surgical” extraction involves making incisions in the gums that cover the tooth to access it. This approach may be recommended for teeth that have failed to fully break through or erupt in the mouth; for instance, “impaction” is a common complication associated with wisdom teeth. By the time these third molars develop in the back corners of the mouth, there may not be enough space for them to erupt properly. They must be removed to stop or prevent painful pressure and damage to surrounding teeth and tissues. 

Even those molars that are intact and visible in the mouth may still require extraction. Wisdom teeth can remain problematic even if they appear to erupt properly because there may still not be adequate room in the mouth. When these and other teeth are easy to access, the “simple” extraction process may be used to remove them. The tooth can be grasped and lifted from the socket. 

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All extractions are performed with your utmost safety and comfort in mind. We welcome any questions or concerns you may have and are happy to discuss ways to help you relax as appropriate. Our dentists will also go over the needs for preparation prior to your treatment as well as after-care. 

In partnership with us, proper post-treatment care and follow-ups support prompt and healthy healing. Call (260) 235-2992 to reach our team in Fort Wayne, IN today.

Alyssa Fisher, DDS EAT Bio

Alyssa Fisher, DDS

Meet Dr. Alyssa Fisher, a highly skilled dentist based in Fort Wayne, IN. Dr. Fisher's journey began with receiving a Bachelor of Science degree, complemented by a Minor in Communication, from Purdue University. Demonstrating exceptional academic prowess, she then earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the prestigious Indiana University School of Dentistry in May of 2018.

With a profound dedication to excellence, Dr. Fisher has emerged as a trusted name among her patients. Furthermore, she is one of the only Bioclear Black Triangle certified dentists at Lahmeyer Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46815, USA.
Renowned for her passionate approach to dentistry, she consistently upholds a superior standard of care while fostering genuine connections with everyone under her care.

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